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looking ahead 2015
Happy New Year to you!

Beginning a new business year is much more than flipping the page on a calendar, a lot of thought and preparation must go into putting together your plan and strategy in order to achieve your goals set out at the start of the new year! Not only are you currently dealing with jobs that are ongoing along with jobs that are starting and then quoting new projects, you have the year end to complete too. And then of course hopefully you have to face the challenge of how to pay the income taxes on the past years business success too.

Where do you find the time to put together your plan?

There is only one way to find that time, either you manage your time or your time manages you, that is the difference between a successful business and one that just exists (for a period of time). Proper planning is essential in differentiating your business from your competitors and ultimately planning is what drives your business now and well into the future!

Make the time now to take the time to write out what your goals and objectives are for this coming year, document it and continue to work on it throughout the year, many things change during the year some of which you may have never thought could or would happen and of course there are the things that you knew about at the time but would likely have forgotten if you had not documented it at the time!

Here’s to a very successful 2015 and to your good health too,

Mike Fulton
President & General Manager

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