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FPS SubDrive 2W Constant Pressure pump solutions now available

We carry a wide selection of water pumps and constant pressure controls in stock that can even adapt to most competitor brands of submersible and surface pump motors.

Our new Franklin Electric  2-wire Utility Drive is a very cost effective universal constant pressure drive that adapts to all major manufacturers pumps and motors giving the consumer a cost-effective Constant Pressure solution without having to replace the entire pump system.

Our latest Inline Controls line up offer a solution for most surface water Constant Pressure Solutions. And the reliable Franklin Electric SubDrive family of Constant Pressure Controls featuring Franklin-Connect Bluetooth technology.

Ask any of our sales personnel for more information!

FEM SubDrive Connect
FEM UT2W2 FEM Subdrive GroupFPS Inline Controls

Jet Pump Motors

Jet Pump Motors

Franklin Inline 400

Pressure Boosting

Infiltrator EZflow

Septic Mound System Installation

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